Jubilee event, Family day

Jubilee event, Family day

It is an important event in the life of every company, if they could celebrate more and more anniversary. Especially when it comes to round numbers, as a market participant have a very important message value to share this positive result and success with the partners and co-workers who have contributed over the years.
That is very important to make the event memorable. At an event – where age and gender is a very large spectrum- it must be created where everyone would enjoy something.
Creative, unique solutions ensure that events are not just one of corporate events, but young and olds, ladies and gentlemens are also enjoying it.

What we can do to help:

  • Planning and thematic manage of the event
  • building a complete concept (image, slogan)
  • theme-related items, decoration, side programs, restaurant organization
  • many program opportunities for the targeted groups
  • On-site assistance and managing