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Opinions about us
In recent years, our D-line partners have hosted most of our events with more than 10 people - among them I would like to mention the Christmas parties with hundreds of guests. They always surprise us with new ideas, locations and programs. I would like to emphasize the always enthusiastic attitude and the attention and precision of all the details, which make our programs smooth and successful. Their active presence and participation is not only on site, but also during the preparation process. A really professional and trusted team is a pleasure to work with them.

Zsuzsanna Geszti

I have been working with D-Line Kft for many years, organizing international and domestic events of various sizes. Kriszta and her team are a professional and resilient partner so far, I have not been able to ask impossible from them, they are in charge of the whole planning and preparation period. I appreciate their help and proactivity at the venue, which also gives me a relaxed and free participation in the programs.

Orsolya Györi

As a trainer, it is very important for me to work in a good environment and in good conditions with my team. During our cooperation, the agency has always taken care of what we need, the needs of my partners, the choice of multiple locations, and the flexibility and creative resolution of special requests. I can always count on Kriszta or her colleagues' personal presence, which always guaranteed and guarantees the perfect event.

Zsófia Török